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    Innovation Newsletters

    Innovating the Ordinary #23 Innovation Newsletter

    Companies face continuing challenges that demand fresh perspectives on questions such as: How do I grow my organization? How can our organization disrupt the space we compete in? What strategies and concepts will enable us to change or improve the consumer experience?

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    Learning from Leading “Disruptors” #22 Innovation Newsletter

    Names like Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon) have become synonymous with disruptive innovation. What can we learn from leaders who, like Bezos, have not only achieved entrepreneurial breakthroughs but gone on to nurture them into big businesses that continue to innovate?

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    Textile Innovation #21 Innovation Newsletter

    Innovation in fiber and textiles affects everything from packaging to wearable electronics to aerospace materials to the clothes we wear. In this month’s feature we take a look at how innovation is at work in textile companies that are drawing on the mechanics and properties of the natural world and on the critical needs of demanding customers like emergency workers and soldiers.

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    The Sustainability <=> Innovation Connection #20 Innovation Newsletter

    Like innovation, sustainability—a focus on creating economic, social, and environmental value—is rising on corporate agendas. According to a recent global executive survey, CEOs are now “twice as likely as they were in 2012 to say sustainability is their top priority,” and more other execs now see it as one of the top three items on their CEO’s agenda.…

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    Lessons from Hackathons #19 Innovation Newsletter

    The term “hacking” usually brings to mind the activities of rogue computer programmers with bad intentions working to breach the security of a network. In that context, a “hackathon” might sound like a race to see who can be best and fastest intruder.

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    Profiles in Growth, 2014 #17 Innovation Newsletter

    Growth and innovation are the mantras in just about all companies, but what kind of growth is “good” growth, sustainable growth? And what are the keys to it? We found some insights in a new Inc. research study of more than 100,000 U.S. midmarket businesses.

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    Drawing on Data for Innovation #16 Innovation Newsletter

    Innovation is what we need to drive growth, but what defines it? It can mean the pursuit of just about anything new. If you want to innovate as a company, you need a grasp of what it means to you. Otherwise, you risk having your strategic growth efforts become dissolute and unproductive.

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    The Whole Package #15 Innovation Newsletter

    You can't judge a book by its cover, or a gift by its wrapping. What about a product or service by its package? That's a hot-button issue in many industries, from food and beverage, to pharmaceutical and medical, to retail and industrial manufacturing.

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    Creating « Strategic Surprise » #14 Innovation Newsletter

    One of the most innovative organizations on the planet is not a private enterprise, but a government agency. Surprised? Well, that's exactly their mission: creating and preventing strategic surprise.

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