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    Talks of motion™

    COE 2023 SUMMIT Leading Lean

    Apprenez le "Pourquoi et le Comment" d'un Système de Management au Quotidien, un des fondements de l'excellence opérationnelle

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    A perfect Customer Journey Talks of motion by Catherine Converset

    The customer journey should be priority #1 on everyone’s agenda. Therefore improving processes and better ways of working is essential and should be supported by Leaders.

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    Leading indicators Talks of motion by Catherine Converset

    Leading indicators – Leaders, encourage your teams to build the relevant leading metrics, and you will achieve great results!

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    Keeping Entreprise in motion™ Talks of motion by Catherine Converset

    Keeping in motion - Empowering teams in all company’s areas to improve processes and ways of working generates trust and builds sustainability and growth.

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