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    Maintenance Miracle - An Autonomous Maintenance Kaizen Event - TBD

    2020 Fall Session – Check back for dates... - a 3 ½ day certificate program

    This certificate program teaches the 7-steps of Autonomous Maintenance and demonstrate the process for conducting AM kaizen events in your facility. Designed for production, maintenance and engineering managers, supervisors, team leaders and process owners interested in improving equipment and process reliability and safety.


    Why do you need TPM?

    TPM is the foundation of equipment/process reliability and reliability is the enabler to Lean.

    TPM/AM Goals

    • Zero accidents
    • Zero unplanned downtime
    • Zero speed losses
    • Zero defects
    • Minimum life cycle costs

    TPM/AM raises APQ (availability, performance, quality).

    • 67% reduction in unplanned downtime
    • 67% increase in equipment/process performance efficiency (that’s free capacity!)
    • 70% reduction in maintenance (fix/repair) costs


    Autonomous Maintenance (AM) is the foundation of TPM and the focus of the Maintenance Miracle event. AM is not really a miracle, but a proven process that partners operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, and leaders in the operation and maintenance of equipment.

    In this 3½ day event, participants will gain an understanding of the seven steps of Autonomous Maintenance and the fundamental techniques of 5S and Visual Controls and develop the skills to stabilize equipment performance and stop deterioration by learning to:

    • Construct, Perform, and Adhere to cleaning, inspection and lubrication
      (CIL) standards.
    • Create one-point lessons (OPL).
    • Basic information OPL which ensures adherence to standard work.
    • Improvement Bulletin OPL which documents and allows horizontal
      expansion of new best practices as they are discovered.
    • Identify equipment abnormalities.
    • Identify and create equipment improvements/contamination controls.

    Working in teams alongside associates from the host facility, participants will apply the methods learned to equipment in the workplace which reinforces the learning that has taken place during the classroom sessions through actual application.

    At the conclusion of the event, you will understand the techniques and have the skills to begin an autonomous maintenance effort in your facility.


    In this session, participants will learn:

    • The role of autonomous maintenance in a Total Productive Maintenance program.
    • The value of team-based equipment care.
    • The seven steps of Autonomous Maintenance and how to apply
      them to improve equipment and process reliability.
    • To create Provisional Standards – the new equipment care standards.
    • How to create One Point Lessons.
    • How to make minor improvements to equipment design to make it easier
      to maintain.
    • How identifying and correcting equipment abnormalities will make
      equipment safer.
    • The yellow and blue tag system that perpetuates the process of abnormality identification, correction and low-cost equipment enhancement.
    • To successfully transfer the “ownership” of the equipment
      to the production staff.
    • How to build diagnostic and problem-solving skills.

    Created to teach the 7-steps of Autonomous Maintenance and demonstrate a process for conducting AM kaizen events in your facility.

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