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    Lean across all Service Sectors

    No one goes unscathed!

    Waste is everywhere, and only a comprehensive approach to Lean in all processes and all sectors can generate the expected competitive advantage. In manufacturing and service industries, Operations are creating the service provided to the customer, but their efficiency depends on the support services effectiveness: Engineering, R&D, Laboratories, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, but also HR, Finance, Procurement, Maintenance, Quality.

    When quality and marketing work together, new products can be developed quicker, thus reducing Time to Market. When Finance improve their processes, financial reports are more accurate and delivered on time. When sales start to Lean their processes, the number of leads increases as well as the conversion rate. When laboratories improve their processes, their service becomes more reliable and accurate, when R&D and Engineering improve their way of working, this increases the capability to introduce quicker new products…

    In public and government organizations, healthcare and administration, the same principles can be applied, customized to the specific processes, in all departments and functions.

    All functions have to manage processes, and all functions participate to cross-functional processes, therefore all departments must start the journey to Operational excellence. This journey should be a company-wide strategy which will generate results, measurable into customer service improvement, lead time reduction, but also in the capability to make more will less resources.

    We can show you how to engage all departments in this improvement journey, we can train your teams, facilitate the first initiatives, and build the Management system allowing sustainability.

    Contact us for any information: we will be happy to share our experience acquired in many different business sectors and processes.

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