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    State of mind and behavior of employees Create the culture of teamwork.

    Accompany managerial teams in the animation of team work and the creation of a climate of trust conducive to the development of people and their commitment to a dynamic of continuous improvement and teamwork.

    Accompany management in a new role.

    Process improvement initiatives can not succeed sustainably without the involvement of men.

    The experience of PRODUCTIVITY shows that improvement initiatives, if conducted with the right tempo and the right spirit, engage employees in a dynamic of continuous improvement and teamwork, giving employees a perspective and goals. teamwork, leading them to think together about ways to improve and simplify processes through problem management.

    It is therefore necessary to accompany your management teams out of their technical expert role and to animate team work so that they know how to engage their employees, create a climate of trust and the conditions of recognition for improvement efforts.

    The result is a reduction in absenteeism, improved employee satisfaction and a new way of managing people’s development.

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